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Vital Properties:

High-concentration carboxylate powder with zinc, iron, manganese, boron, and copper. Additionally, an extremely high concentration of magnesium carboxylate, reinforced with molybdenum. Used to boost production, enhance yield, and ensure tangible quality. Also employed to prevent nutrient deficiencies and treat diseases arising from their deficiency.

Chemical Analysis:

Iron Shalls (Edta-FE) 6%
Zinc Shats (Edta-Zn) % 4
Carboxyl-MGO (Carboxil-MGO) % 9
Copper Shall (Edta-Cu) % 1.5
Boron (B2O3) % 4.5
Molibidonium (mo) % 0.01
(MN-Edta) Mengenez % 4
Acid Carboxylic (Acid Carboxylic) % 10

Usage rate:

Rotana is used on all plants in both open-field and protected cultivation, either alone or mixed with pesticides and non-alkaline fertilizers (mixable). It should be applied at least once, using various methods such as spraying (preferably) and irrigation, as per the following schedule.

The Plant Water per acre/kg g/ 100 for water Water Per  Number of transactions
Industrial crops, vegetables, potatoes, onions and garlic 125-50 400-200
Yellow and white corn and fodder crops 100-50 300-150
Fruitful trees 50-25 150-50 Water for every tree


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