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bimco international

A manufacturer company of high quality fertilizers and pesticides, 35 years of manufacturing history
since 1988

about us


The company started producing fertilizers since 1988, and today it produces fertilizers and agricultural pesticides in southern of Turkey in Sanliurfa, with a production capacity of 200 thousand tons annually. To put the experience of 35 years of work in your hands. our factory has been established on a land of 16,000 square meters including the fertilizer production department, pesticide production department, Storage department in addition to the administrative building.

What we offer

Fertilizer industry includes

organic fertilizers

humic and fulvic acids, amino acids, carboxylic acids, Seaweed extracts.


mineral fertilizers

compound and simple, Fast, slow and medium melting.


Bio fertilizer

They include different types of bacteria that are beneficial to the plant and soil. Minor element flakes.


Our products

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The company provides its products in various physical forms such as liquids, suspensions, granules, gels, powders, capsules and formulas of SL, EC, WDG, OD, WP, G, DS, SS.

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scientific articles

Scientific articles specialized in chemical fertilizers, pesticides and agriculture


اضطرابات اللون في ثمار الطماطم

النضج البقعي / الجدار الرمادي / النسيج الأبيض الداخلي / الكتف الصفراء: غالبًا ما ترتبط الحالات الشديدة من النضج البقعي والكتف الصفراء بعوامل تحد من

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Koçören, OSB MAH NO:205 18-2, 63000 Eyyübiye/Şanlıurfa, Türkiye



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