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Complete leaf flowering stimulator and natural fruit set stabilizer
0.75 Zn+6 Boron+0.5 Si +10.45 C+13.5 ppm Mo

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Vital Properties:

STARFIX ALWAHA is an organic, highly acidic mineral suspension for foliar spray, aimed at providing essential plant nutrients, enhancing yield, flowering, and growth in various plants, especially fruiting vegetables. It stimulates flowering, improves productivity, and is a natural organic plant enhancer without hormones or growth regulators. Its repetitive use ensures plants reach maximum productivity, particularly hybrid vegetables, increases the proportion of female flowers, delays senescence, and maintains plant vitality.

Usage Rate:

Applicable to all plants in open or covered agriculture: 100-150g per 100L water for foliar spraying, ensuring comprehensive coverage. For irrigation, apply at 250-450g per hectare. Repeat use as per plant requirements.”

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