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SARA 8-45-45+TE

High phosphorus and potash mineral gel chelated on sugar alcohols to promote vegetative, fruiting and root growth.

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SARA 8-45-45+TE


Our gel contains major elements with trace element chelates to enhance plant activation and effectiveness, including:

1- Nitrogen: Boosts plant growth, leaf greening, and fruit development. Crucial in early growth, aiding leaf growth, cell building, and green mass.

2- Phosphorus: Essential for root formation, fruit growth, flower stabilization, and fertility. Activates roots, vital in flowering, offering energy, and disease protection in low temperatures.

3- Potassium: Essential for respiration, photosynthesis, and plant cell movement. Regulates leaf moisture, and cellular concentration, and improves cell cohesion, grain starch, sugar content, and protein in legumes. Strengthens outer layers, aiding preservation and stress tolerance.”

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