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A high-nitrogen mineral suspension with phosphorus and magnesium, an excellent fertilizer to stimulate vegetative growth and enhance root penetration.

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Vital Properties:

1- Concentrated mineral suspension for all plants (field crops, fruits, vegetables, trees, industrial, and fodder crops).

2- Highly concentrated gel with acidic reaction, rich in nitrogen, magnesium, and potassium, easily absorbed and swift in effectiveness.

3- Used to enhance vegetative growth, root proliferation, improve chlorophyll synthesis, and boost both aerial and underground growth for increased yields and improved quality.

Usage Rate

Plant Spraying G/200 liter of water Watering G/Acre
Vegetables, Bulbs and Tubers 500-1250 50-150
Field crops and legumes 500-1000 50-100
Citrus, persimmon, and tropical fruits 500-2500 125-250
Grapes, olives and pomegranates 500-1250 125-250
Apples, almonds and pistachios 500-2500 125-250
Cotton, beets, and sesame 500-1500 125-250
Ornamental, forestry, and fodder plants 500-100 50-100

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