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Introducing the -BARBAROS SERIES:

known for its high resistance, ensuring durability even in challenging loading and transportation conditions. It features an inner transparent bag to prevent air infiltration into the product. With a generous 25 kg capacity, it’s crafted from polypropylene material.

Usage Rate:

Ideal for all plants and soil types, the Barbaros Series is suitable for both open and covered cultivation. It can be used alone or mixed with other fertilizers and is compatible with various irrigation methods, including spray, drip, pivot, aflaj, spills, or circumambulation. You can reapply as needed every 7 – 10 days, following the provided schedule. Elevate your agricultural practices with the Barbary Series!

The Plant Kg per acre
(Vegetables, eggplant, pumpkins, okra, beans, and lobby) … 1-3
Potatoes, onions and garlic 4-2
(Wheat grains, poetic, rice, oats, Al-Masham) .. and legumes 2-1
Corn, cotton, beacon, carrots and turnip 4-2
Fruitful trees 5-2
Cumin, nigella and sesame 2-1

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