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AMANOS 18-46-0+MgO+TE

High phosphorus suspension with nitrogen to improve flowering, setting and stimulating growth
Al-Khudari is fortified with magnesium, iron and zinc

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AMANOS 18-46-0+MgO+TE

“To enhance flowering, strengthen, and promote growth: a high-phosphorus suspension with nitrogen. Fortified with Al-Khodary magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Key features:

A dual-mineral suspension comprising phosphorus and nitrogen with chelated trace elements.
Organic mineral complex reactive with a fast-acting formula, chelated onto sugar alcohols.
Efficiency and high effectiveness.
Utilized to provide essential elements for plant growth and sustainability, boosting production.
Ensures consistent flowering, knotting, and growth across numerous plants, fostering robust flowering and abundant nodes, alongside vigorous green growth and prolific yields.”

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