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Al-Nawras Suspension is a mineral suspension in three forms: high phosphorus, balanced and high potash, supplemented with microelements and carboxylic acids.

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Vital Properties:

1- A new composition ensuring stronger effectiveness by chelating mineral elements with organic acids.
2- Effective across all plant growth stages, from cultivation to pre-harvest.
3- Accelerates root, leaf, and fruit growth, playing a crucial role in photosynthesis and enhancing phosphorus absorption and transfer.
4- Supports plant greening with iron chelates, boosting chlorophyll synthesis and activating robust plant growth.
5- Improves flowering strength and knot formation with boron presence, enhancing absorption and strengthening fruit hardness.
6- Enhances nodal strength, fertility, and healthy growth with zinc chelates.
7- Silicon aids in reinforcing strength and stress tolerance.

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